GLOBAL SECURALLIANCE : The Fact Group is a group of companies specialized in few areas of security business and provide services in Belgium and Luxemburg. Could you introduce the company and its main areas of expertise?

YVES BASTIN : I established FACT Security in 2000 when a new law was introduced in Belgium, opening an opportunity for professional private security services. Very quickly, I decided to start my own training center (licensed by the Belgian State) in order to improve the quality of the recruitment and to continuously upgrade the level of my teams. A third company – FACT Services – has been added to cover different missions out of the scope of the pure security ( stewards, hostess, drivers ect.). In 2013, a subsidiary was created in Luxembourg, FACT Security Luxembourg.

The main activity of FACT is manned guarding as well in private sector as in public sector and in a wide range of activities ( industry, offices, retail, shopping malls, embassies, hospitals, schools and universities, corporate events and leisure). As you know, nowadays, technology is more and more present in our activity and we developed our own « facilities assistant » which is an digital daybook completely customizable. We have also recently started a collaboration with Espacedrone in order to propose to our customers the best drone-solution adapted to their needs.

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