Chief - First Response Fire crew

Chief - First Response Fire crew

Course objectives

  • To be able to effectively direct a response team to different types of fires according to their importance and the
  • difficulties of approach.
  • Have an increased knowledge of fire and response equipment.
  • Know how to detect fire hazards.
  • Collaborate in the execution of the risk analysis.
  • Reply to the Code of Wellbeing at Work Book III.- Workplaces Title 3.- Prevention of fire in the workplace.

Entrance requirements

Being holder of the Certificate of First Intervention Team Member


Rue de la station,19


Day 1 - IBA (individual breathing appartus)
  • Principles
  • Instructions for use
  • Safety measures
  • Checking that a piece of apparatus works - what to check?
  • A tour around the suite
Day 2 - Management and communication
  • Video session about successful, failed and critical interventions
  • Theory on crisis communication, communication channels, HRM approach
  • Situations
Day 3 - Fire techniques
  • PPE basics summary
  • Various patrical situations


Price per person: 600 €
Group price on request

We included in our price:

  • Coffee / Tea
  • Bottles of water
  • Lunch and drink

* Price exempt from VAT according to article 44 of the VAT code