Detecting and preventing burnout

Detecting and preventing burnout

Course objectives

Far from being considered as coaching or group therapy, this practical approach is intended to:
  • Identify employees who may develop a burnout
  • Adapt its responses and management to the situation and needs of the employees
  • Improve the employees' well-being
  • Reduce risks associated with absenteeism

Entrance requirements



Rue de la station, 19
B-1300 LIMAL

or in your company


Between theory, practical cases and role-playing games, you will discuss the following topics 
  • Burnout?
  • Definition and symptoms
  • Causes

  • Consequences
  • Legal aspect and statistics
  • Adapting to one's interlocutor - introduction to the thoery of personalities in color
  • Active communication
  • How to use your management tools faced with this plague


€360 per person – group price on request . The training day in our centre is the chance for participants to get to know each other in another setting, other than their workplace.  It is for this excellent reason, that we add a “team-building” dimension to the training, allowing conversations during different planned breaks. In our price, we have included:
  • A welcome with a coffee
  • A snack
  • Bottles of water
  • Lunch and a drink at midday


If you want to follow this course In English, please send an email to New sessions are organised as soon as we reach the minimum number of participants needed.