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Global Securalliance: creating the first global, private security network

18 independent security companies in Europe, Asia and Africa have been combined to create a global network, called Global Securalliance (GSA).

The Group’s ambition: to respond to international tenders.

The accumulated turnover of the current members has reached €760 million in 2016, for 7,600 clients, which represents 46 million work hours and 610,000 patrols, of which 495,000 were interventions after an alarm was triggered, 68,000 openings/closures of buildings and 23,000 key management service provisions.

The accumulated workforce is more than 72,000 security officers.

The Group is planning to complete its territorial grid - thanks to the upcoming conclusion of ongoing discussions with companies established in the United States, Australia, South America – in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay –as well as in Ukraine and Bulgaria too.

The member companies are of all sizes: companies turning over a few million euros – in particular in small European countries-, from medium-scale in their national market, following the example of BSL in France, Fact Security in Belgium (and in Luxembourg), Total Security Services in Great Britain but also, market leaders like lvri in Italy, which achieves a turnover of around €200 million.

We also note the presence of the EIG Securalliance for France, which groups together six companies, BSL being one of them.

Fact Security (Belgium created in 2001, 700 employees. Fact Security (Luxembourg). BSL (France) created in 1990, 800 employees. Securalliance (France) EIG created in 2013, grouping together six companies (BSL being one of them) and more than 2,000 employees. lmpel (Poland). Starco Security Ltd. (Switzerland) created in 1994, 601 employees. Synergy Security Solutions (Ireland), more than 1000 employees. Total Security Services (Great Britain) created in 1989, 3,000 employees. PSA Security Management (Germany) created in 1992. lvri (Italy), 7,200 employees, 40 offices, 1,300 vehicles. Seguriber (Spain). MLM Protection (Israel). China Cityguard Security & Services (China) created in 2005. Top Beveiliging (The Netherlands) created in 1996. Elite Security (Russia) created in 1997, 25 offices. PSG Turva (Finland), 300 employees. Prestige Security (Denmark) created in 2012. Ensure Security (South Africa) created in 1970.

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