Vision & Values


Trust, Attention, Stability, Closeness, Respect.

Our 5 core values guarantee you quality, equal to leading international groups in the sector, as we manage all our relationships, whether internal or external:

  • Trust
    NWe put our lengthy experience in your favour, by selecting the ideal officer.
  • Attention
    Constantly listening to your needs, as well as being attentive to the well-being of our officers, are the keywords of a quality policy.
  • Stability
    This is conveyed through the stability of your onsite officer teams, but also through our management structure and our family shareholder ownership.
  • Closeness
    hrough making one single representative available to you, as well as management with a human face for all our staff.
  • Respect
    This goes via understanding your specific needs and the objective control of procedures implemented, as well as our teams’ esteem and taking their personal fulfilment into consideration.

Our flexible and personalised approach to our clients’ needs, thus guarantees you optimal security. Our horizontal structure allows for quick, simple and effective work. Our departments’ quality is evaluated every month by our clients and your “Contract Manager”. Our CEO, Yves Bastin, meets you every year, as he wants to be there at ground level, to be closer to our officers and our clients.


FACT has always been able to preserve its family company spirit, to develop in a healthy and harmonious way. Despite our success, we want to keep the Human element at the very heart of all our considerations. At FACT, nobody is a number.

Because the success of our partnership with the client is based on the quality of our staff, we pay particular attention to their well-being and their motivation.
Our aim is to endlessly improve our relationships and continue to develop the FACT spirit, in accordance with our company philosophy: ONGOING POSITIVE STAFF THINKING. Positive thinking is the basis for all our actions, whether in each one of our missions, or choosing our workers.

A company with a human face, FACT is also aware of its social role and its environmental responsibility. We have adopted an environmental management system to reduce our ecological footprint, while forming a partnership with local beekeepers to save bees. A symbol of this constant commitment, two beehives can be found in our Limal Head Office’s garden.