FACT’s governance is influenced by the spirit of its founder and CEO, Yves Bastin, and develops over time, in order to respond to the reality linked to its development, in total transparency, responsibly and respecting everyone. Yves Bastin, not wanting to list FACT on the Stock Exchange, we are not therefore faced with the difficulties this would create, given there being no stakeholders such as financial pressure creating dependency from various shareholders. Ongoing improvement is subsequently a key phrase, since the profit is reinvested each year in improving quality and in developing the company.

Yves Bastin’s vision, at the time of creating FACT, was to develop a healthy, energetic, irreproachable company, respectful of everyone, supported by responsible and modest management, whose aim is its continuation. Respect, forming part of our values, is conveyed in our relationships, through mutual and constructive trust with our employees, suppliers, clients, banking and public bodies, or unions, and enables us to evolve having no barriers.

Transparency must underlie all relationships. It allows mutual trust between parties. Transparency is therefore the basis of trust.