Corporate social responsibility


Respecting everyone is a founding element at the time of creating FACT, and must be reflected in our way of performing: performing socially. We try as best we can to improve our provisions on a social and environmental level, to make our workers responsible, but also our clients and suppliers, as well as our neighbours in the region. Our motivation in becoming an active player has become our strength.


A citizen-focused company, deeply rooted in the social fabric, FACT is fully aware of its social and environmental responsibilities. Responsible management is, at our company, an essential concept that deeply influences the way in which we want to carry out our business. We develop in a way that encompasses and respects our social and natural environment.

To respond to this commitment, and to reduce our ecological footprint, FACT has launched itself into an environmental management system, responding to various objectives, like:

  • Reducing our energy consumption
  • Optimising our recycling system
  • Participating in biodiversity, through a flower-filled meadow project
  • Saving pollinating insects by sponsoring beehives

This management system is in the process of achieving ISO 14001 certification.


In terms of social responsibility, FACT GROUP works with Job Centres. We maintain a relationship of trust with our workers, to whom we guarantee a human dimension, despite the company’s growth.

Our aim, again, being to improve our relationships and to continue to develop the FACT spirit and positive thinking, just as well in each one of our missions as in choosing our workers.

To maintain this cohesion and always invest ourselves better in local community life, our sports teams take part in various events (marathons, Futsal…), team-building sessions and dinners.
Cohesion and support are indeed two values that are essential to our group. At FACT, these are not two theoretical notions: we apply them daily in the field!