FACT GROUP, grouping together 4 family companies, offering additional services in the area of security, was founded almost 20 years ago, by Yves Bastin.

Thanks to its interconnected organisation, FACT can offer the same services as its larger competitors, while keeping the client at the centre of its concerns. Trust, Attention, Stability, Closeness and Respect: our aim is to create a long-term partnership with you.

This aim is made possible, thanks to our working method and our interconnected organisation, ensuring a harmonious collaboration between our different activities, but also our unique philosophy honed towards a bespoke customer service, which is conveyed, amongst other things, through flexibility and response to any test, one single representative to listen to you, monitoring the quality of the service you receive, as well as practical solutions from our experience in the field, and responding to your actual security needs.

But, in particular, at FACT, we know that the success of any partnership is based on the quality of the staff that we make available to you. That is why we pay particular attention to their selection, their training and their well-being. At FACT, colleagues have a face and a name.

Security is a serious job to take care of. FACT does so in a responsible and citizen-focused way, in line with developing a modern, open and multicultural company.

Trust, Attention, Stability, Closeness et Respect are the five values which support our partnership with our clients and the relationship with our employees.